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Untold Records GbR High End Level Music Production Konstanz

Anker 1

Konstanz Based Artist and Producer SamuelBEN is founding member of the Independent Label Untold Records. Established in 2019, started rapping in freestyle Session w/ His Crew When he was 16 years old.

Distributing Demo Tapes in The big Cities of Germany was the first Touch with the Music Industry, however the Productions Were barely recognized w/ rare resonance. SamuelBEN acquired Audio Engineering knowledge to implement his Vision of Musical Selfproduction.

The first official release „Bessere Lage“ availible on Every Streaming Platform 

is the First step of Realisation beeing the first huge Rap Label Basement in Southern Germany. 

Every record can be considered as an audiovisuel Illustration of his world.



macht anders!

Es gibt nichts mehr zu sagen, lass die Mukke für mich sprechen.

Dieser Künstler ist Genre Frei 

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